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We are a company that started operating in 1998. We deal with various products made of solid solid wood (spruce, oak, maple, autumn, beech).

Company for the production of massive wooden garden furniture and other wooden products

Wooden garden furniture company Čemažar wooden fancy goods


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Čemažar wooden garden furniture

We started operating in 1998. We deal with various products made of solid solid wood (spruce, oak, maple, autumn, beech). We are mainly specialized in wooden garden furniture or garden furniture.

We produce wooden garden sets of solid quality spruce boards, which are 7 cm thick (solid wooden solid eight) and 10cm (solid wooden solid weekend furniture). The massive wooden garden furniture has a 3cm oak wood base below, so that it is not damaged by movement and is also water resistant and does not draw moisture from the floor into the wood.


Lesna galantrija Čemažar, Darko Čemažar s.p.

We are a company that started operating in 1998. We deal with various products made of solid solid wood (spruce, oak, maple, autumn, beech). We specialize mainly in wooden garden sets, wooden garden benches, wooden garden tables, wooden tables, wooden wheelbarrows for stands, wooden stands for stainless steel tanks, wooden stands of stainless steel tanks, various solid wooden benches, wooden massive tables for wooden interior fittings, wooden balconies fences, wooden garden fences, wooden garden platforms, wooden garden pavilions, wooden hayracks, wooden rhinestones, wooden garden fences, eco trash cans made of wood, wooden benches for walking paths, deeply impregnated products, etc.

The products are of high quality and precise, firmly and beautifully made, the products are made, painted and engraved according to your wishes. We are located in the area where the Gorenjska region extends a hand to the coastal region, in Gorenja Novaki 29, 5282 Cerkno, nearby,the Cerkno Ski Center and the Franz Partisan Hospital.

Wooden garden sets, wooden sets of solid spruce wood, wooden garden benches, wooden garden tables, wooden chairs, wooden bar chairs, fitting out of solid wood bars, ornamental shingles, wooden balcony railings, wooden garden fences, wooden terrace fences, wooden bar wooden stands, wooden garden sheds, wooden houses ...

We would like to give you some reasons why to choose our wooden garden furniture! Čemažar wooden garden furniture is our own product and we have been working for 20 years to produce the best wooden garden furniture, quality, comfortable, solid, well protected and of great appearance with various engraved ornaments and shaded edges as desired by clients.

Our wooden garden tables and benches are made of carefully selected quality spruce wood, air-dry for 1 year and then finally dried in an oven at 8% humidity. The annuals of the wood must be very dense, but the wood is chopped in the highlands, where the tree grows very slowly and this wood is firmer and more resistant in the open air, it must not contain dry (black drooping twigs), because they fall out. The wood must not be resin-free, it must be chopped at the right time, but unfortunately the manufacturers do not pay enough attention to it to dry properly and properly. For wooden garden furniture we use boards, which are dried for 1 year covered in air, and then put in an oven where they are dried at 8% moisture.

Our wooden garden tables and garden benches are glued from narrow elements of wood which does not contain resin, dry branches and logwood cores (milled).

Wooden garden furniture consists of gluing and screwing with stainless screws which are also imperceptible, and thus the garden furniture has a nice, professional appearance and are very solid that will surely not break or stun you. width, length, color, engraving…). We also stock wooden garden furniture in our salon at the company headquarters: Gorenji Novaki 29, 5282 Cerkno, by prior arrangement at: 041-365139 Darko

Čemažar wooden garden sets are designed for outdoor use such as terraces, balconies, courtyards, and various farm rooms. The upper surfaces of the benches and tables are lacquered so that they do not allow water to enter the wood. Wooden garden furniture can also be deeply impregnated at the request of the client, which means that they are more suitable for open spaces but are not so aesthetically pleasing.

Given the years of experience and vision of wooden garden furniture in competition or stores, we are also very favorable in terms of quality, comfort and appearance of wooden garden furniture.

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Due to the increased number of e-mail inquiries, it may take longer for us to respond to your e-mail, so we encourage you to contact us by phone. + 386 41 365 139. Whether you are interested in general information or price list information - At Lesna galantrija Čemažar, Darko Čemažar s.p. we are ready to answer all your questions. Thank you for your understanding and patience!

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Lesna galantrija Čemažar, Darko Čemažar s.p.

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