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Gallery of Wooden Garden Sets, Solid Spruce Wood Furniture, Wooden Garden Benches, Wooden Garden Tables, Wooden Chairs, Wooden Bar Chairs, Wooden Garden Fences And Balcony Fences ...

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Gallery of wooden garden furniture

Our wooden garden tables and benches are made of carefully selected quality spruce wood, air-dried for 1 year and then finally dried in the dryer at 8% humidity. The wood must not contain resin, it must be cut at the right time, but unfortunately the producers do not pay enough attention to it so that it dries nicely and correctly. For our wooden garden sets we use exactly such boards, which we dry covered in the air for 1 year, and then we put them in the dryer where we dry them at 8% humidity.

Solid wood products. Wooden garden furniture, wooden furniture made of solid spruce wood, wooden garden benches, wooden garden tables, wooden chairs, wooden bar stools, wooden garden fences and balcony railings ...


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GALLERY - Gallery of wooden garden furniture and garden furniture - Čemažar wood fancy goods

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