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Wooden metal garden furniture consists of gluing and screwing with stainless screws which are imperceptible. This gives the garden furniture a nice, professional look and is very solid.

Solid wooden garden furniture

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Wooden furniture with metal frame Čemažar

Wooden garden furniture with metal frame consists of gluing and screwing with stainless screws that are imperceptible. This gives the garden furniture a nice, professional look and is very solid.

Every homeowner faces a difficult dilemma sooner or later - choosing garden furniture or garden furniture. This process needs to be carefully considered, because the range of outdoor garden furniture is now quite wide. In addition to the visual appearance and to match your idea of comfort and convenience, the right shade, resistance to humidity and temperature changes, stability and reliability, and weight restrictions should be identified so that it does not fade in the sun and rain and will not crack.


Wooden metal garden furniture - garden furniture Čemažar

Čemažar wooden garden furniture is designed for outdoor use such as terraces, balconies, courtyards, and various farm rooms. The wooden garden furniture Čemažar is made of good quality, has no cracks, is sanded, is protected three times with quality waterproof coatings. The upper surfaces of the benches and tables are lacquered so that they do not allow water to enter the wood. The wooden garden furniture can also be made individually impregnated at the request of the client, which means that it is better suited for open spaces. Our garden tables and benches are made from carefully selected quality spruce wood.

Wooden garden furniture with metal frame can be made purely at the request of the client (width, length, color, engraving ...). We also stock wooden garden furniture and can also be seen and purchased in our salon at the company headquarters: Gorenji Novaki 29, 5282 Cerkno, by prior arrangement at: 041-365139 Darko. Čemažar garden furniture is our own product and we have been working for 20 years. We produce the best garden furniture, the highest quality, comfortable, solid, well protected and of great appearance with various engraved ornaments and shaded edges as desired by the clients.

The hot months are ideal for enjoying the outdoors. The garden furniture should not be missing. Different wooden garden furniture and other wooden garden furniture . You can also choose the dimension and type of wood. Garden Furnisher Equip your garden. The wooden garden furniture consists of gluing and screwing with stainless screws which are completely invisible. This gives the garden furniture a nice, professional look and is very solid that will certainly not break or stun you.

Wooden garden furniture with a metal cage is your right choice. Do you agree that there is nothing better than a relaxing vacation in your home garden? Then you know for sure what goes into a cozy and comfortable garden, with the pickler wooden garden furniture the choice may be yours. Quality and strong wooden garden furniture or wooden garden furniture , suitable for any garden, balcony, terrace. A quality set of garden furniture made of wood is made of quality wood. Wooden garden furniture is made of a variety of high quality impregnated wood to your liking.

In almost every garden, however, there is garden furniture with metal construction, which is also essential. Wooden garden furniture makes the garden more usable and beautiful. We have been manufacturing wooden garden furniture for 20 years. Here you can find wooden garden furniture made of different materials that can be ordered according to your preferences and the size of the room. Garden chairs and a table are mandatory accessories for garden furniture - conjure up a magical garden corner. Shepherd's wooden garden furniture or wooden garden furniture is also made of spruce and oak wood, which has the longest outdoor life.

The construction of a balcony fence made of wood, of course, varies from case to case. First it differs in the type of wood selected for the balcony fence, then in the color (protective coating and finish), production technique , decor and finally by the appearance and aesthetics , depending on the object on which it is mounted. At the same time, wood balcony balustrades are not only made for classic balconies as we know them from two or three decades ago, but can also be found on staircases, like classic fences on cottages, with canopies and the like.

Surface cracks in wood are mostly caused by atmospheric loads on the wood. Wood is a natural material and adapts to the weather. It shrinks and expands. On wood, which is extremely exposed to high temperatures, especially on the sunny sides of the facade, at relatively low humidity and high temperatures, the surface of the wood dries more than the inner part, resulting in smaller surface cracks, which usually become invisible when raised. air humidity and lowers the temperature of the atmosphere. This is a completely natural reaction of wood and has no effect on strength and durability. Therefore, we do not consider these cracks as defects in wood. The possibility of reducing cracks partially or completely can be prevented by various coatings for wood.

The most important protection is the first protection. If we provide quality protection as soon as the wood is installed, then the wood will retain its original appearance for a long time and the maintenance cycle will be considerably extended. For installation, we recommend 3x application before installation and 1x application after installation. After each application, the surface should be lightly sanded with fine sandpaper or a sanding cloth. Our larch wood surfaces are all sanded with 150 grit sanding paper, so every application you apply after sanding will give the wood a special silky appearance, as there will be no visible traces of woodworking with the blades.

By impregnating, we increase the resistance of the wood to climatic conditions, increase the resistance to rot, insects and termites, and at the same time it can serve as a decorative finish in a gentle greenish tone. The impregnation is carried out with a quality impregnator from a recognized Slovenian manufacturer. The impregnation is water-based. It has a low viscosity and is well absorbed in wood. The protective agent contains inorganic salts that fixate into the wood and after a certain period of time becomes indelible. This time also depends on the climatic conditions. It can be further coated with different coatings. The impregnation itself is done in the impregnation pool. Fill the emptied pool with wood and then fill the pool with impregnation with pumps. After 24 hours, use the pumps to empty the pool filled with impregnation and allow the wood to stand still for a while to allow the excess impregnation to drain from the wood. The wood

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